The Protog Diaries - The Gear: My System of Choice

When it came to the camera I needed to get for this type of work, DSLRs were the obvious choice. But during the time I spent using film, I owned a total of 2 SLRs (out of, at least, 40-50 cameras). Mostly, I shot with small point and shoots and rangefinder cameras. I developed an aversion to the traditional SLR, even though there's a reason why a large majority of pros use them. I loved my Leica M4-P and I wanted a camera that could emulate that type of shooting experience. Of course I could have just bought a digital Leica - but really, not many people (myself included) have that type of cash. I was left with just one obvious choice - the Fuji X-Pro 1. 

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The Protog Diaries - Getting Started: Making the decision

It's been long since I've thought of photography as anything other than therapy for myself. Photography is something that almost none of my family/friends appreciate (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) so it's all mine. I don't have people asking to join me for photo-walks; none of my friends asking me to critique their work; etc etc. I photograph for myself and that's it.

Ever since I stopped "pro-work" (I used to be an event photographer with a decent amount of work coming in) a few years back, I actually started enjoying photography. I had the freedom to sell all my digital gear and start from scratch building my all-film kit. I played around and experimented with a ton of cameras, shooting and developing techniques, shot whatever caught my interest, and best of all, I wasn't under any pressure whatsoever even if I didn't get time for a few weeks to shoot or develop or do any photography related activity. 

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Hummus, Falafel, Refugees

Disclaimer: Some people may find the images displayed in this post to be disturbing.

Been a while since I've posted (as usual - got so frustrated with the whole thing that I ended up removing the blog page from my website). I simply haven't had much to share relating to photography lately....

The reason why I'm writing this is to spread some love for a long term photo project that a dear, dear friend of mine has just completed and is currently in the process of making a self-published photo-book pending funding via a Pozible campaign.

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The Bodhi Tree Cafe

As usual, it's been a while since I've posted anything. A hectic new job in a less-than-desirable (photography wise) location hasn't exactly helped with my procrastination. 

I have photographed a little, though. But almost all the rolls I've shot are just piling up waiting to be developed. Film photography has started to become more of a chore rather than enjoyment for me. Even though I love the look Tri-X pushed to 1600 gives me, apps like VSCOcam and their Lightroom film presets are making it harder for me to justify continuing on with film. As I've mentioned before, for me, shooting film has always mainly been about the aesthetics and not much else. Sure, it feels a lot more rewarding to shoot film but, honestly, I stopped caring about that factor a long time ago. 

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My attempt at the "Gilden".

I've been a long time admirer of Bruce Gilden's work but never had the courage to try out his style. Now that I've been shooting street for a considerable amount of time, I finally felt comfortable enough to try my hand at some "serious" flash street photography last night. Read More