How do I make a living, you ask? 

After working for Real Estate print and signage marketing companies for almost 2 years, I decided to combine my two passions - cameras (no, no, not the gear - the stuff those glorious blocks of metal - and sometimes, plastic - produce - the still and/or moving image) and people - together. Eventually, i started Real Estate Garage with a business partner - however, after one and half year of craziness, unfortunately, it was time to part ways. As a result, I created         H Media Group.

Why did I become a commercial videographer/filmmaker instead of a photographer? 

Photography is mine. It's my sanctuary - it's my cocoon when I need a break from the world....(Read: Departure) Video, on the other hand, I've only ever done it commercially. Photo is home - video is work. 

I love my job - I get to meet new and interesting people on a daily basis - I get to play with cameras and Adobe Premiere Pro all day long - and, most of all, every video I film, opens my mind up to newer and unexplored levels of creativity. 

I go back and forth between my photo and video styles. I try to add a sense of story to my commercial videos and I've noticed, lately, the new photos I'm making are starting to get a commercial vibe, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. To be honest, I'm quite enjoying the change of pace in my photography and how my background in my chosen genres of street and documentary photography are trickling into my commercial videos. 

I jumped into the deep end with video - but loving every second of it...

See below for some examples of my work and my showreel for real estate. Check out the H Media Group YouTube channel for more.

Showreel - Real Estate 2015